Thursday, 19 July 2012

Extension Cord Tree

You know something is wrong when you tell your friends “sorry, I can’t, I’m decorating my extension cord tonight” and they say “oh, okay” without looking even mildly disconcerted.

The weird outdoor powerpoint in the roof finally got its chance to shine.

I plugged the end in and propped the power board against a brick so that the cord hung in midair and I could paint the whole thing at once - plus it had the benefit of being outside. (I was going to say that if I breathe in any more paint fumes while painting indoors I’ll go loco, but, um. I’m painting an extension cord.) Once it dried, I put a couple of cord hooks on the wall and snapped it in so it dangled in a vaguely tree-like shape.

I was originally going to print and stick paper leaves on it, but that seemed a little ‘who let a class of six year olds loose in your bedroom?’. Then I remembered the pillow I made Zoe for Elli Day.

I cut out another pile of fabric leaves and doused them with fabric stiffener, then snipped off a bunch of ten centimetre sticks of twenty-gauge wire and Mod Podged them to the leaves. From there, all I had to do was wind the end of the wire around the cord and bend the ‘stem’ until I liked the angle. 

 My favourite is the little owl hanging out on the knothole of the tree, though.

I suppose the advantage of never buying anything new is that hey, everything matches!

Now I only have to come up with seven more projects using leaves to finally get rid of that weird material with exasperated-looking angels on it.

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