Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Key Rack

This was the easiest of projects. All I had to do was:

1. Spray paint the edges black.

2. Measure the length and divide it by three, one section for each us. Mark each section at the top and the bottom.

3. Out of my stash of exactly four different scrapbook papers I found one that suited each of us and laid them one by one on top of each section, lined up with the marks. I traced the curve of the edge and cut the paper, occasionally actually cutting along the line.

4. Slap on a bit of Mod Podge and three cup hooks.

I hung it by the front door and we all solemnly donated our spare keys, ready for the next time one of us was out and somebody had to shuffle cars. It was a foolproof plan, FOOLPROOF, until we realised afterwards that Jess can’t drive a manual. Mine and Lyndon’s cars? Manual.

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